Saturday, June 23, 2007

19th Century Thoughts on Pulpit Plagiarism: a Fatal Crutch

In my reading of Baptists and the Bible by L. Russ Bush and Tom J. Nettles, I came across this quote on page 142:
A strong temptation frequently assails a man, when preparing a sermon, to look around for helps. He can easily find a book of skeletons made to his hand, and it seems to him very convenient to make use of it. Let me urge every brother, as he values his self-respect, his honesty, his ministerial usefulness, as he values his own soul and the souls of others, to resist this temptation at the outset. If he have any of these crutches, let him commit them at once to the flames, or he will never learn to walk. The habit is absolutely fatal.
(from page 283 of Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches, 1857 by Francis Wayland, influential Baptist leader in America)

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