Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism: Related Resources

Said at Southern has posted my review of Mark Dever's recent book, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.
Thanks to Crossway for providing a review copy.
Endorsements for the book are here.
Free sample: Foreword, Introduction, and Chapter 1 (free .pdf) Another excerpt: "What Evangelism Isn't"
Below are some resources for further study.
Books & Resources Dever refers to in The Gospel and Personal Evangelism:
Especially for pastors:
Related resources by Dever:
In February 2006 Dever delivered a number of messages on evangelism at Sovereign Grace Ministries' Pastors' College Evangelism Conference. These four talks are available as free MP3 downloads.

Free download of the message that the book is based on: The Gospel and Evangelism.

Evangelism: What It Is and What It Isn't (Noah Braymen's summary of Dever's talk from the 2007 Gospel Growth Conference) - there is a chapter quite similar in the book.

In this Adrian Warnock interview with Dever, they talk about his book on evangelism.

The book is also referenced briefly in this interview with Gary Shavey. "Election, the Gospel and Evangelism" Founders Breakfast 2006 (CD: $3 plus $1.50 S&H; Download: $1.50 - and worth it!) - Dever points to Romans 9 and 10 of proof that God's sovereignty motivated Paul to evangelize and it should move us as well.

Update (1/30/08):

Al Mohler’s review of the book

Al Mohler interviews Dever on personal evangelism

(HT: Justin Taylor, Said at Southern)

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