Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Resource Page – Online Audio Resources

I spend most of my time driving listening to something edifying and instructive. Lately it’s been the Bible on audio CD, but I often listen to sermons and lectures. This is also great if you take your mp3 player when exercising. Below are collections I have come across that have some good content:


Faith by Hearing - faithbyhearing.wordpress.com – is a collection of some good resources, and the home of the nice graphic above.

Reforming My Mind (mp3’s) – psalm305.blogspot.com – is the home of Paul Schafer’s work of cataloging messages by various speakers. Very helpful resource.

Sermon Audio – www.sermonaudio.com - contains many good messages and a variety of ways to search them. You probably won’t find any liberals here, but it is a mixed bag as a whole spectrum of conservative churches is included. One neat feature is that they will point out ministries within a certain radius of a zip code, so if you find a sound preacher and are looking for a church or know someone who is, this could be a good place to start!

Ministries and Churches:

The Albert Mohler Program

Chapel messages and lectures at SBTS in Louisville

Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Mark Dever, Michael Lawrence, others)

Desiring God Ministries (There’s tons of stuff here from John Piper, but I especially commend his biographies from the pastors’ conferences.)

First Baptist Church, Pennington Gap, Virginia (Matt Mitchell)

9 Marks Leadership Interviews

Sovereign Grace Ministries (good selection of conference messages by a variety of good speakers)

Together for the Gospel

Free Seminary Course Lectures:

Biblical Training (various evangelical scholars)

Covenant Worldwide (Covenant Theological Seminary)

Reformed Theological Seminary on iTunes

Free Software:

Free audio editing program: Audacity is a great program for recording audio sermons and saving them as mp3s; a lot of flexibility for a free program.

Are there audio resources that you recommend?

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Mike said...

One site I've found with a lot of different sermons from many different speakers is www.voicesforchrist.org.

Not knowing but maybe 15 of those speakers on the VFC site, I really don't know how good or bad most of those are, but I do know there's some good stuff (Rob Lindsted and Dwight Pentecost to name a couple) on there.