Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday Miscellanies - 1/8/2008

My plan this year is to post miscellaneous links and/or resource pages on Tuesdays. Today I have posted two resource pages in addition to the list of miscellaneous links below. The resource pages are on Pro-Life links and Bible overview sermons (highlighting Mark Dever's 69 sermons, covering the whole Bible, the OT, the NT, and each individual book of the 66).

I have recently found the following links to be helpfully thought-provoking and/or spiritually edifying.

Ryan Townsend highlights a resource from Don Whitney to "Consider Your Ways."

Pastor Mike Belcher issues a call for self-examination in his post, "Fig Tree Religion" and suggests starting out the year meditating on Jonathan Edwards' resolutions (Part 1; Part 2).

Jason Button reviews the ESV Literary Study Bible (posted at SharperIron and TheoSource). In addition, he has some links for profitable reading in 2008 and gives biographical posts about Machen and Zwingli.

Timmy Brister has issued the "Join the 2008 Puritan Reading Challenge"

In "Whose Outline?", Mike Osborne provokes preachers to think about how to derive their sermon outlines - and suggests the Scriptures themselves as the best source!

I'm not presently a Southern Baptist, but I found this Statement from Highview Baptist Church intriguing. It gives one Southern Baptist Church's reasons for giving directly to the SBC instead of going through their state convention. Why? To be a better steward by making sure more of their money goes to missions. If they were to funnel it through the state convention, about 64% would not get to their goal.

"Help! Cinematic Counter-Evangelism" by Bob Bixby exposes the folly of Christians placing their hope in Hollywood.

On endorsing political candidates: Nate Busenitz, Bob Bixby, and Ben Wright (here, here, and here) don't think it's a proper activity for a minister of the gospel (I have to agree).


Tomorrow: Part 2 of 3 by Dr. Jim Hamilton on "Spiritual Formation and the New Media"

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Jason Button said...

Nice roundup! And thanks for including us. I'm enjoying your new strategy. Keep it up!