Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MACP 2008 Audio

Inter-City Baptist Church and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in Allen Park, Michigan, host an annual preaching conference. I hope I can go someday. It is crammed full of helpful sessions. I have ordered .mp3 CDs of some past conferences and found excellent resources. They have made the latest one available online for free. Here are the links.

MACP 2008 Culture, Contextualization, and the Church

General Sessions


Ladies' Sessions

Click here to download a copy of the MACP 2008 conference brochure. For any questions or for more information email macp@dbts.edu


More links for Mid-America Conference on Preaching

  • MACP 2008 “Culture, Contextualization, and the Church”
  • MACP 2007 “Learning from the Past; Pressing toward the Future”
  • MACP 2006 “Worthy of Double Honor: Feeding and Leading God's Flock”
  • MACP 2005 “Guarding the Gospel”
  • MACP 2004 “Church Growth that Glorifies God”
  • MACP 2003 “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit”

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