Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blogging at

After over a year of virtually no blogging, I have decided to blog again on a limited basis, primarily over at This is the official website of the Cumberland Area Pulpit Supply, a ministry from which I received training and in which I now teach hermeneutics and serve as the Tri-Cities area representative.
Every month, there should be some "fresh" content (at least a couple of posts), but there will be quite a bit of resource reviews and links. The focus is on issues related to the pulpit supply ministry, training for ministry, and the pastorate, especially in the small rural church. Topics to be covered include hermeneutics, homiletics, spiritual disciplines, practical helps, and study tools (including book reviews). I plan to have about two posts per week. You may subscribe via the email subscription link on the sidebar of, or via our RSS feed.

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