Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hosting a Guest Blogger Next Week

by Doug Smith Have you ever considered making solid Christian books available in your local church? I greatly profited from the "bookstall" at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D. C. when I was there for the Weekender in September 2006 (you can see Noah Braymen, the current intern who just wrote about the September 2007 Weekender, looking at a book on the right side). I picked up some excellent books (including a couple of hard-to-find works) that have served as good resources. We use our Child's Story Bible quite frequently with our children. While in D.C., my friend John Beeler and I had the privilege of staying with the deacon of the bookstall. J. A. ("Jack") Ingold and his wife graciously hosted us in my first time ever living on Capitol Hill for several days. It was a delight to meet this brother and sister in the Lord, and we certainly were blessed by their hospitality. Jack loves books. You can tell that from his blog, Bookpress. You can tell that he cares about the content too, from this recent book review he did. He has some practical tips concerning the spread of good literature in the local church, and he will be sharing those ideas in a series of 6 posts next week. Please check back for some very helpful material in beginning what could be a valuable aspect of your church's ministry for years to come - one which has the potential to touch lives far and wide for decades or longer. I appreciate Jack's willingness to serve through writing these posts, and look forward to reading them next week. May the Lord use them to bring Him glory through the spread of His Gospel! Here's a photo (from left to right) of myself, John Beeler, and Jack.

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