Friday, September 14, 2007

Thinking about and Planning Our Reading

Blogs can be hazardous to intellectual and spiritual health, for you and me. (Can is the operative word.) Blogs can be helpful in small doses (from good sources, as some are not helpful at all and some are harmful), but we need to read books. It's easy to find ourselves spending way more time than we need to trying to read the latest thing this guy said, and this guy, and this guy. Let's not let ourselves be distracted in this way. I had a friend recently show me something helpful in guarding against poor stewardship of a time in this area: a chart to help him plan and record the reading of a variety of good things. Something like this would be a worthy thing for all of us to follow (written or unwritten), and my brother is not completely alone in trying to think about such things. Much of the content in the links that follow is directed toward pastors, but there are things we all can learn from in this area. For me, I have found these articles to be helpful admonitions in devoting more of our reading time to reading books:

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Jason Button said...

Excellent point, Doug. I've realized, myself, how easily I can be sucked in to the fast paced nature of the blogosphere. There are so many discussions going on (and most that I try to watch have been pretty good and potentially edifying) and so many subsequent comments that it is easy to spend far more time chasing threads than I ever expected. The internet is the latest frontier for discussion on a lay and scholarly level. I've been encouraged to see that more and more scholars are trying to use this medium to serve the church.

That said, I still need to be a wise steward of my time. I love the way you have strategically placed the following statement at the top of your own blog:
Have You Read Your Bible Before Reading Your Blogs?

YES, the Bible is where I need to go FIRST to be nourished, and if I have time, read a blog post here or there AFTERWARDS.

Keep up the good work!