Monday, December 17, 2007

Bible Intake in 2008

Here are some resources to help us profit from God's Word in the new year:

If you want to get on a fast track, check out the plan at Said at Southern to read through the Bible in a month.


Tim Ashcraft said...

I've used M'Cheyne's calendar for years. In addition to getting a well-rounded exposure to the Word of God, I've always been impressed with the unity of Scripture. Many times at the end of a day's reading I've noted how those chapters from different sections of the Bible complemented and reinforced each other. Like the young G. Campbell Morgan, I've been reassured and comforted by the Bible's own intrinsic authority. Like Morgan, I can say, "That Bible found me."

RC said...

Excellent post. Excellent resources. I have the first volume of "For the Love of God" and I have ordered the second. I will be signing up for the e-mail devotional. I am taking the Said at Southern Bible Reading Challenge, this will be my first day. I have not looked at the scripture memorization resource, but scripture memorization is an area where I need to take immediate action. Thanks for posting the resources.

Anonymous said...

I found the resource on Bible memorization very helpful. I'm going to be memorizing Ephesians this year, Lord willing I'll have the whole book memorized before April.